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44 random facts about me.

iulie 30, 2010

  1. I like riding the bicycle, even if I suck at it.
  2. I enjoy reading horror books at night.
  3. I enjoy watching TV shows on my computer.
  4. I love the sky. Every piece of it. All the time.
  5. I think that fantasy creatures live in my room and they come out at night, when I`m sleeping and that they’re throwing parties in my room.
  6. When I was 11 and fell in love with a little boy that was 13 then, he told me the street that he lives on. Guess what I did… I searched until I found his apartment. Of course, I chickened out and left before anything stupid happened.
  7. I believe in all the things people these days don’t. Like God, love, peace, happiness, mercy. They’re there, even if you refuse to see them.
  8. I wanna learn to play the drums.
  9. I absolutely love my mom. She’s amazing and I think I`m the luckiest kid alive because I have her.
  10. Today I found out about the “negative buoyancy” thing, which is kind of… a disease, that makes the body sink, they never float, they can’t swim. I think I have it. Really. I mean, lots of people tried to teach me how to swim, more than 10, but I never did. I still can’t swim.
  11. My mom and „father” divorced when I was three. I have never seen him since. Any reference to dad is in reference to my step-dad. He has been in my life since I was 10.
  12. I love the UK flag, but I absolutely hate the country. I hate rain and I hate violence. And they’re both present in UK. Still, my favorite bands are british.
  13. I love Australia. Because the weather is amazing and the country is very civilized. My dream is to move there.
  14. I like Ireland a lot, because people there are extremely nice and everything is very peaceful, but they still have the rain, which I hate.
  15. As you can see, I love english. Don’t ask me why or something like that, but I watch a lot of American tv shows, so I hear it everyday, as much as I hear Romanian, so I don’t know… I love it.
  16. I laugh a lot, at stupid jokes and stupid things, but still, comedy movies bore me. Like hell.
  17. I’m calm, but I have my moments… when you shouldn’t be around me.
  18. When I was a kid, I looooooooved Chuckie. I think you remember it, the crazy doll that murdered people. Mom always said that it scared her more than it scared me.
  19. Betty ice pecan praline is heaveeeen.
  20. I don’t gain weight even if I eat tons of food everyday. Yes, hate me.
  21. The more you persuade me to do something; the more I will not do it. If you’re stubborn, I can be ten times more stubborn than you are.
  22. I think pride sucks.
  23. I am allergic to a lot of drugs. That’s why, when I`m sick, I try not to take any.
  24. Sometimes I think I’d love to be a surgeon, but chemistry kills me, so I would fail.
  25. I`m in love with cuba libre and angelli frigola. ❤
  26. I’m not a coffee addict but I never refuse a cup.
  27. I think that some of the song writers are better at lyrics than most poets.
  28. I rarely remember my dreams. This has not always been the case. It kind of sucks, but I’m used to it.
  29. Music is like a drug to me.
  30. I’m the girl that NEVER refuses chocolate or pistachio.
  31. I think the most amazing person in Europe is Shawn. ❤
  32. I’ve never seen a fallen star and I’m really sad about it.
  33. I miss a lot of people. I miss people in general. I miss almost everyone I ever met and haven’t seen them in a while.
  34. My biggest fear? Loneliness. I’m addicted to people. I go insane if I’m alone.
  35. As a kid, I was a lego builder.
  36. I miss saying “I love you” to someone. This thing is so hard to say these days…
  37. I cry at movies.
  38. I can’t remember when was the last time I cried and I am so proud of myself… because I used to cry myself to sleep every night. Any little thing broke me down and depression was an illness that I had. But I`m fine now.
  39. I love my life. I’m problem-free now.
  40. I don’t play any instrument
  41. I believe in energies. I think that positive energy can cure everything. Even cancer and stuff like that. And I think everything that you believe, happens.
  42. At the moment. I don’t like anyone and it’s weird. I just love the one I always loved.
  43. Athazagoraphobia. Eremophobia. Monophobia. Cancerophobia. Hylophobia. Spectrophobia. Dementophobia. Acarophobia. Ligyrophobia. Ponophobia. Some of my phobias.
  44. I’m not planning to get to a round number, so I’ll just stop here.

Like… the circle of breaking.

iulie 19, 2010

I got it. Actually, it’s really simple.

Ah, si-mi vine sa scriu totul in engleza, pentru ca e genul ala de chestie pe care o gandesc in engleza, dar cineva mi-a zis ca trebuie sa-mi mai exersez si romana, asa ca… o sa ma straduiesc sa scriu total in romana… :]]

M-am prins de ce toata lumea pe care o cunosc a fost dezamagit macar odata de cineva pe care a iubit.

Stii ce se intampla? Tu, ca baiat… stii ce faci?

Ii spui ca e frumoasa.

Ii spui ca e amuzanta.

La un moment dat, debitezi si ca o iubesti.

Ii spui ca vrei sa stai doar cu ea, ca ceilalti nu conteaza.

Ii spui ca vei avea grija de ea.

O suni sa ii spui ca iti e dor de ea, ca vrei sa o vezi.

Si apoi…

Fara nici un advertisment, fara sa incerci sa o faci sa isi dea seama ca se va intampla asta, nimic. Pur si simplu…


Apoi, incepe sa creada ca toti baietii sunt niste mincinosi, ca nici unul nu merita, nu se mai implica in nici o relatie, pana cand… da de cineva care chiar o merita.

Si-l minte.

Si-l abureste.

Si-l face sa fie innebunit dupa ea.

Si… pleaca.

Apoi el, asa, broken hearted, se comporta cu fetele cum s-a comportat cu ea cel care a plecat prima data. Si tot asa.

El vine. El pleaca. Ea ramane gen… broken hearted. Vine altul. Ea pleaca. El ramane broken hearted. Vine alta. El pleaca. Ea ramane broken hearted.


Cute girl, gets broken by an asshole -> Turns into bitch -> Breaks nice guy -> He turns into asshole -> etc.

Si ghici ce?

N-ai cum sa scapi din cercul asta. Orice ai face. Tu vei dezamagi, tu vei fi dezamagit.


Deci nu. Fetele nu sunt curve si baietii nu sunt niste retardati insensibili. We’re all the same.


Aaaaaaaaaand. The song:

The quote:


Quotes again an again

iulie 13, 2010

Chiar dacă mi-am făcut blog special pentru quoteuri (apasa pe imaginea din dreapta. :D), m-am gândit să le postez pe primele şi aici.

Here they are:

That’s it. 😀


no harm.

iulie 11, 2010

I realised two things today.

1. One of the things that hurt the most in life is to be there for someone you love, to do everything you can to help them, and yet, at the end of the day, they tell you something like „No one cares about me. I guess I’m all alone.”. And what am I? The invisible dude?

2. We don’t look for people to love us. Because the truth is, lots of people love us, and we don’t give a damn, or we just don’t see. What we really want is someone to love us back. And the people you love are hard to find.

Don’t ask me why I’m writing in english. I have no clue myself.


Un aaaan! <3

iulie 8, 2010

Probabil va ganditi ca am uitat complet de blog, pentru ca n-am mai postat de o gramada de timp, dar nu-i asa. :>

Pur si simplu ma bucur de vacanta si totul e atat de genial incat nimic nu ma inspira. :]] Dar azi chiar urat sa nu scriu.

Deci. Anul trecut pe vremea asta incepusem sa aberez pentru prima data pe wordpress… aaaah, ce genial, nici nu-mi vine sa cred ca a trecut atat de mult timp.

Intr-un an am acumulat:

100 de posturi
496 de comentarii

Ziua cu cele mai multe vizualizari (187) a fost 20 decembrie 2009… cute.

I say it’s pretty great.

So… multumesc ca v-ati strofocat sa dati click pe statusul meu cand ati avut ocazia, ca ati citit si ca ati comentat. Stiu ca n-am avut intotdeauna cele mai interesante posturi, dar sper ca v-au placut macar unele. :”> Multumesc si ca ati fost alaturi de mine uneori cand scriam despre chestii mai dubioase, etc. Multumeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesc >:D< Inseamna mult pentru mine.

Chiar nu mai stiu ce sa zic, habar n-am, sunt pur si simplu uimita de cat de repede a trecut un an… si cam atat.

Va las o melodie care ma bantuie de vreo doua zile… 😀


no time.

iulie 2, 2010

That’s all I had to post. ‘Cause it amazed me when I heard it… here.